The Only Christmas Book You'll Ever Need Is Here

A Die Hard Christmas

I am not one of those lunatics that thinks Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever made, that title clearly belongs to It's A Wonderful Life. Off the top of my head I would slot Die Hard in at number 4, behind White Christmas and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, right ahead of A Christmas Story. This is of course in a world in which the original animated The Grinch That Stole Christmas is not considered a movie and is simply a cartoon special. All that being said it is September and my Christmas talk is almost expired so let's get back to the whole point of this post: There is a Die Hard Christmas book coming out, and it looks amazing.

Based on the fourth best Christmas movie ever, written in the style of "The Night Before Christmas" by the amazingly named Doogie Horner, A Die Hard Christmas is set to be released on October 17th. Presumably every living person in America will at least try to buy this book so I would strongly recommend hopping on the live pre-order over at Amazon immediately since they probably didn't print enough copies for every household across the world. 

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