John Mayer and Ryan Adams Played Together, Might Again

Ryan Adams and John Mayer together

I lived in LA for a long time and left this year. Had life not gotten in the way I would have been at this concert. Ryan Adams is my cat's meow or pajamas or what have you. I also got a phone call from John Mayer a long time ago where he basically told me to never give up. I will never forget that and take an odd satisfaction in the fact that it even occurred. Suffice to say my heart cried a little, after the immediate jubilation, upon hearing the news that Mayer invited Adams up for a joint take on the latter's "Come Pick Me Up" at The Forum last week. We even get Mayer to handle a verse on vocals. It's fantastic.

Now go tour together or add Ryan to that Dead & Company group. I am pretty sure he knows the songs.

Super Hella Awesome Update: Some lovely twitter user commented that he would love to see Adams and Mayer do a project together after this took place. Adams replied with words that set my heart aflutter. "It'll happen eventually. And it'll be awesome." Not one to be outdone Mayer replied "Co-signed" and included what I think is an emoji, but not of a wave.

I think I've got the feels.

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